Dramas of 2016

As the end of the year is approaching, is time to write a list of the 2016 dramas I watched (: Let’s begin with the three I liked the most!

  • Naomi to Kanako


  • Watashi kekkon dekinainjanakute, shinaindesu


  • Suna no tou


  • Otosan to yobasete (9/10)
  • Haburashi onna tomodachi (8/10)
  • Itoshikute (7/10)
  • Boku no yabai tsuma (8/10)
  • Hi no ko (8/10)
  • Kakkou no tamago (7/10)
  • Suki na hito ga iru koto (8/10)
  • On ijou hanzai sousakan Todo Hinako – stopped watching
  • Soshite daremo inakunatta – stopped watching
  • Kenja no ai (9/10; I would have given it 10/10 if it had lasted longer)
  • Jimi ni sugoi (8/10)
  • Kuroi 10-nin no onna (8/10)
  • Kakuregiku (8/10)

Then there are other two dramas I watched, but they aren’t of this year: Yakou Kanransha and Ichiro (the only jidaigeki I watched in 2016 T_T)

Even though I watched some fantastic dramas, overall 2016 dramas weren’t as good as I expected. Hope to watch amazing dramas in 2017 ahaha

Madama Butterfly in Milan

Yesterday in Milan there was the premiere of Madama Butterfly, an opera written by an Italian composer and set in Japan. Here you can read the plot of the opera (;

I didn’t go the theatre to watch the opera, but the other day I went to the centre of Milan and basically there were posters related to the opera everywhere lol

The premiere was really awaited with great enthusiasm. The Rinascente, a department store next to the Duomo, decorated all its showcases with mannequins wearing kimono and with Japanese prints and pictures taken in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century (:



Basically for the first time in my life I spent half an hour staring showcases ahah

I know that recently I’m not updating the blog as often as I used to, but I hope to resume writing here more often as soon as I get completely used to university life and cast off my laziness.


It seems that I’m continuing to update the blog less often than I used to D: 

These weeks have been quite busy, but I’ve managed to keep the good habit of studying Japanese every morning (: During the past days I studied a new chapter of the grammar textbook and learned some kanji and new words. I listened to podcasts while going to university and watched dramas ^ ^

So far, my favourite drama of this season is 砂の塔. This suspense drama is so good that I even thought to stop watching it because I couldn’t bear the tension ahah

Yesterday I watched the 6th episode and, well, I fell in love with the antagonist after seeing how beautiful she was while wearing a kimono lol

I like the OST too, especially because the lyrics are connected with the themes of the drama (;

そこに住めば どんな願いも 叶うと言われる 愛の城
だけどなぜか みんな笑顔は ハロウィンのパンプキン

早く寝なさいと ママの爪が光る
あなたは今 どこにいて 私を見ているの

探しても 探しても 目の前は砂嵐
積み上げた 喜びも すぐに埋もれた

幸せも 裏切りも いつもそばにあるよ

上に行くほど 傾いた塔 安定はしない




教えてよコウノトリ 私はどこへ行くの







Japanese language updates

I can’t believe that the last time I updated the blog was almost a month ago D:

During the last weeks there were the first partial exams, thus I was so abosorbed by study that I had little time to devote to what I like. So I didn’t study Japanese as much as I wanted to.

Anyway, let me write some updates about what I did to improve my Japanese.


As for grammar, I studied only two units of Kanzen Master. They aren’t a lot, but considering that even during high school I used to study an average of 2/3 units per month I can’t complaint too much ahah Now there are only six chapters left to finish the textbook, so I’m quite excited because once I finish it I can start the N1 textbook ^^


I’m really disappointed by the fact that I didn’t work enough on vocabulary \: My main method to learn new words is reading novels/new articles, but it takes time, so this month due to the lack of time I learned few words (most of which using my vocabulary textbook and Memrise). Basically I wrote only two pages of vocabulary, most of which in the last two days lol Must work on vocabulary harder in the next monrths.


This is the area where I made more progress. Listening to podcasts every morning and watching dramas almost every evening paid off ahah During the exam period I also started listening to NHK高校講座’s 古典 podcasts. Listening to these podcasts the evening berfore the exam is like a therapy to relax xD So far I learned about Izumi Shikibu’s diary and some 漢詩 poems. I can’t describe with words how much I love Japanese literarure and Classical Japanese: it’s just so beautiful and charming!


Well, there isn’t the need to write that I neglected it as always

Now that the first partial exams are over it’s time to do my best with Japanese studies too! I hope I can do everything I plan to do (:


New interests lol

As time passes, unexpected things happen. For example, I would have never thought to get interested to the songs of a particular artist. Yes, I like listening to music, but generally I don’t have specific preferences. However, recently I’m starting to like BoA songs ahahah I started to know her music after she sang  this year’s 大奥 movies OST, but in the last month I’ve been listening to her song quite often lol

As I don’t know Korean, I usually look for the Japanese lyrics and than compare them with the original. The fact that the structure of the sentence of the two languages is quite similar helps me to learn some new words even though I know only the rudiments of Korean grammar xD

Here the lyrics of the song in the video (:

기억이 나질 않아 나를 바라보던 눈빛
思い出せない 私を見つめてた眼差し
따뜻하고 포근했던 네 품도
언제부턴가 우린 서로를 알려 하지 않고
알고 싶어하지도 않았었지

변해가는 우리 모습에
너무 차가워 손을 댈 수 조차 없어
지쳐가는 무관심 속에
아무 것도 할 수 없는 내가 더욱 미워져

내 눈을 쳐다보지 않는 너
내 마음을 읽지 않는 너
내 슬픔을 외면하는 너
사랑해 이 말이 부족했던 건 아닐까
愛してる この言葉が足りなかったんじゃないかな

처음에는 몰랐어 그냥 바쁜 줄 알았어
初めはわからなかった ただ忙しいんだと思った
뜸해지는 너의 연락과 만남
기다리면 오겠지, 내가 이해해야지
待ってたら来るわ 私が理解しなきゃ
하면 할 수록 더 멀어져 간 너

난 제자리에 서있는데
네 모습이 희미해져 보이지 않아
난 돌아가는 길도 몰라
그러니 내게로 와 어서 나를 구해줘
だから私のところに来て 早く私を助けてよ

내 눈을 쳐다보지 않는 너
내 마음을 읽지 않는 너
내 슬픔을 외면하는 너
사랑해 이 말이 부족했던 건 아닐까
愛してる この言葉が足りなかったんじゃないかな

모든 게 순식간에 정리가 되는 날
정신차리고 보니 정말 나 혼자
바보처럼 울고 있니 끝이다 생각하니
バカみたいに泣いてるの 終わりだと思ったら
아무 것도 떠오르지 않아

내 눈을 쳐다보지 않는 너
내 마음을 읽지 않는 너
내 슬픔을 외면하는 너
사랑해 이 말이 부족했던 건 아닐까
愛してる この言葉が足りなかったんじゃないかな

그런 너



New routine

Finally found time to write a new post! I can’t believe I haven’t updated the blog for so much time D:

I’m still really busy with my studies and it’s always difficult to find some free time, but I’m starting managing to “create” time to devote to Japanese learning. Basically I get up everyday earlier to spend some minutes learning some grammar points or some new words. Then during commute time I listen to Japanese podcasts (even though I usually hear less than 50% of them because of the uproar of the city -_-) and if I’m not too tired, I read Japanese news. Then, after dinner if I don’t have anything to study, I watch dramas. Now the fall season of dramas is starting, thus I’ll have some new dramas to watch ahah


The last week I went to a Japanese restaurant with some course mates. I was so glad to eat sushi again after ages lol

The next week there will be the first exam, so I’m quite anxious xD But on the weekend I’ll come back to my hometown for two days, thus I’ll have the possibility to relax a little and to study all the stuff I’m neglecting these days to study for the exam ahah


I would have never expected that the life of a university student could be so busy D: 

I’m so busy with lectures and study that I have little time to devote to myself and when it becomes evening I’m so tired that I find difficult not to fall asleep as soon as I lie down on the sofa to take a little break lol

During the week I didn’t have time to update the blog and the only thing I did to improve Japanese was studying a new grammar point and watching dramas.

So far I find difficult to manage time because I have to cope with many new things: not having a lesson schedule which is the same for everyday as in high school; the new amount of schoolwork; doing housework, etc. 

Thus now what I have to do is to learn how to deal with these things and how to manage to find time to devote to other interests (like Japanese and blogging).