I finished a Japanese novel! :D

I can’t believe that I’ve finally finished reading my first Japanese novel, which is 夜行観覧車 😀

Reading the novel wasn’t easy at first. I had never read a novel written in Japanese before, so I didn’t have much familiarity with the style of the novel. I often had to re-read some sentences because I didn’t understand who was the subject of them and I could read only few pages a day since there were loads of unknown words.

But I didn’t give up and after the first chapters I got used to the style and to the most used words I wasn’t familiar with when I started the novel, thus I became able to read more pages a day.

Finishing the novel took me almost a year. There has been periods when I hadn’t read it and I decided not to read too many pages a day since I preferred to spend the time devoted to the novel to do two readings: one to grasp the general content and to underline unkwon words, the other to understand the details after looking up the vocabulary I was unfamiliar with.

I so liked the novel that the other day I started watching the drama even though I hadn’t finished it yet ahah So far I watched the first two episodes, but I’m still unsure if I like it or not because it is a bit different from the novel. For example, there are some scenes and some relationships that aren’t in the original script.

Btw, I’m just too happy for having finished my first novel. Effort really pays off (:


Spending the evening reading 夜行観覧車. Actually I can’t believe that I’m able to read a Japanese novel!

It’s strange when things come up differently from what you predict. When I started learning Japanese seriously almost three years ago, my objective was to reach N4 level by the end of high school. And now, far from the end of the last year of high school, I can read a Japanese novel and I’m studying for N3/N2 level 😀

Of course, reading a novel written in Japanese only isn’t very easy yet and my Japanese reading speed isn’t as good as Italian and English, but I can progress a few pages a day. I’ve also made some improvements since I started reading the novel. At first, I could read only two/three pages a day because there were many unknown words, but now that I’m used to the writing I can read even 8 pages a day (:

IMG_6103I guess that watching crime and suspense dramas helps me a lot, because I don’t have to look some technical words up xD

Noticing some improvements makes me think that effort really pays off ^ ^

Japanese novel

The last week I was purchasing the last two books of The Dream of the Red Chamber on Amazon when I came across the Japanese edition of the novel 夜行観覧車. I had already read positive comments about the dorama and, after reading positive reviews about the novel too, I dicided to buy it to have more reading matherial in Japanese. The book arrived on Thursday and yesterday I started reading it. At first I wasn’t sure if I could read a novel written only in Japanese without translation or notes, but then I changed my mind when I noticed that the writing is not to difficult (: I really like the writing style of the author so far and I’m glad to learn many words from a Japanese novel ^^

I leave you with a photo of my notebook