[Movie] 大奥 最凶の女

Afer waiting for some weeks, yesterday I finally watched the new 大奥 movie starring Sawajiri Erika as Omiyo.


The movie is set during the reign of the eleventh shogun Tokugawa Ienari, who is known for his degenerate moral which led him to have many concubines. I really like that 大奥 movies have a shirt introduction which explains the historical background of the story! You can read an extract of the plot here.

While watching the movie, I was amazed by the scenic design: both the costumes and the setting are fantastic and I love how everything is cured in every datail. The story itself is interesting because it shows how much a concubine have to struggle to seize a high rank in the inner chambers and to preserve it. And I find interesting that the movie deals with a kind of relationship that usually don’t appear in jidaigeki. However, I think there are also some negative aspects. I especially dislike the fact that the movie proceed really quickly, so many scences are dealt rather superficially and some consecutive scenes are disjointed.


I watched it without subtitles, thus I didn’t understood all the dialogues and basically I didn’t understand the content of the letter that Omiyo found in Oshima’s fan, which was crucial to understand the end of the movie. But all in all I understood enough to make an idea of what was happening, so I can say that watching many jidaigeki paid off lol

All things considered, I enjoyed the movie and I think I will watch it again ^^

Now I’m looking forward to watching the other 大奥 movie, which is aired on Friday (;



New 大奥

Some days ago Fuji TV announced the release of two new special of the serie 大奥 starring Sawajiri Erika.

I watched only 大奥’s 2006 movie, but after watching Atsu Hime I got interested in the world of the inner chamber. Most of dramas are about samurai or the middle classes in Edo, so it’s interesting to watch dramas that give a vision of history from a different point of view (; 

I don’t know well Sawajiri Erika (I saw her only in ようこそ、我が家へ), but I can say that the luxury kimonos worn by high ranked ladies suit her lol

[Movie] 源氏物語 千年の謎

Today, after some hours of study, I’ve finally watched 源氏物語 千年の謎 ^ ^

I found it only with Vietnamese subtitles, but knowing the story helped me to understand what it was happening even if couldn’t grasp everything because of my listening skills that aren’t still good enough to wacth a film without English or Japanese subtitles.

In the film there are two story: one, obviously, is about Genji, the other is about Murasaki Shikibu writing the novel. Making all the Genji Monogatari a 2 hours film is difficult, so the movie ends when Fujitsubo becomes a Buddhist nun. I liked it, because the story don’t deviates from the original text and because of the beautiful cinematography (;

While I was surfing the net, I came across this fantastic website! I swear that I drooled over the PDF files while looking at them xD I can read few characters, but they are gorgeous (: Surely one of my aims is to read Genji Monogatari in Japanese. Of corse, in the modern Japanese version, not in the original one, but never say never ahahahah It’s not taken for granted that I won’t get so crazy to study Classical Japanese lol

I’m procrastinating

Today I was alone at home, so I planned to take advantage of the peace and study Japanese all the day. But I finished with not following my plans D:

At 9 a.m. I watched an episode of Utsukushii Rinjin to practise listening skills. Then, even if I should have studied some new grammar, I thought: “Since the computer is already on, why not watch two episodes of the 6th week of Hanako to Ann? I’ll study grammar later”. But I ended with watching all the episodes of the week because they were too captivating lol

At 5 p.m. it was time to finally study grammar, but I remembered a video I watched yesterday on youtube:

So I said: “Wow, this movie must be so interesting and Nakama Yukie is the leading actress! Let me see if there is online!”. And I found it, so I decided to watch it, and it was really a fantastic film. Even if there were subtitles, I tried to read them as less as possible. I always have difficulties to understand historical dramas, but I have to say that I love the solemn language used in jidaigeki 😀

The only productive part of the day was from 2 p.m until 4 p.m., when I learnt new words and studied kanji ^^; But even watching films and dorama in Japanese was useful, right? lol

I’m continuing to procrastinate the study of grammar points, but I swear to myself that next week I’ll learn new ones (;


Wow, I’m writing a post later than usual, but I don’t want to go to bed yet and I’m in the mood of writing ^^

I finished reading the book Gion geisha: it’s an amazing book based on an amazing true story! I read it in only three days and I find it very inspiring because you can see the story of a person who reached her aims with hard work. I hadn’t read a book so quickly for several months, so you can understand that it was very interesting to me (:


This evening I’ve watched the movie based on this book. The title is 花いくさ, which means “flower battle”. As the novel, the book is set in Gion Kobu, the district known for geiko and maiko. The language used by the characters is Kyoto-ben, which is a Japanese dialect. Generally, I think that it isn’t too different from standard Japanese, but the pronunciation is quite different and there are some grammatical peculiarities (such us the conjugation of negative verbs). These differences didn’t changed my comprehension of dialogues, because there were subtitles (I tried to read them the least possible, but I used them anyway lol) and I already know some basics of 関西弁, which is the dialect of the region where Kyoto is. But I was pretty upset since there are many differences between the film and the novel, and I hate when such a thing happens, especially when the book is an autobiography, as in this case. For example, the events’ sequence of the film is different from the one of the book and some characters (even the leading actress) are different from the novel. I have to admit that I can’t really enjoy a film after having read the book it’s inspired by ^^; So if I really want to enjoy a movie, I should watch it first, and than read the novel XD