First Japanese audio blog

After months of procrastination, I finally recorded myself speaking in Japanese 😀 This was on last summer’s to do list, but it’s better late than never lol

Since this is the first time I tried to record myself speaking in Japanese, I made a lot of mistakes, thus please point them out so that I know what I have to improve. My voice when I speak in Japanese is weird, so don’t pay too much attention to it xD

Generally, I think that I should learn to use more grammar structures in my speeches. After listening to this, I noticed when I should have used other structures, but they didn’t come to mind while I was recording. For example, I used too much から and ので even when I should have used the て form. There are some mistakes of vocabulary (for example I said 経済を勉強しよう instead of 経済を専攻しよう)I think that I should pay more attention to the grammar used in dialogues when I watch dorama so that I get used to it. I also noticed some mistakes, in the pronunciation, especially when it comes to long vowel. To improve this aspect, I’ll record myself while reading aritcles in order to listen to my pronunciation more often.

From now on I’ll try to put my laziness aside and make audio blogs more often ahah