A news a day


After spending almost a week reading novels, I’ve decided to spend the rest of these shirt holidays reading a news a day to build my knowledge of techical vocabulary up. In the past, I used to read news about different topics at the same time, but these days I’m trying to focus only on a specific area so that I can learn news words while consolidating the vocabulary related to the area.

These days I’m putting more effort in trying to enhance my writing and speaking skills, too. The other day I tried to translate an article from English to Japanese (which was exhausting @_@). The result is awful lol but I’m glad to have challenged myself to do something more difficult than what I usually do because it forced me to look for the appropriate structures and words to use. As for speaking, I talk everyday to myself in Japanese for abput 10 minutes, and I have to admit that practicing speaking actually works to improve speaking skills ahah

2 thoughts on “A news a day

  1. 頑張ってください!あなたのボロッぐをいつも読んでいます。本当にinspiring!!
    Thank you! Keep up the good work! I have decided I must learn and focus on Kanji this year so I shall be reviewing your blog to get some more tips!

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