Formal writing

Despite all the resolutions to improve my writing skills I still lack in this area ahahah D:

Even though I can write about general topics using common grammar structures and words, I still have many difficulties in writing about more specific stuff in a formal register.

So these days, although I have to study for two exams, I try to spend some minutes a day reading a report about a technical topic to learn some new words and to understand what kind of expressions and grammar structures are used in these cases.


As for the topic, I’ve decided to pick something related to my studies so as to improve Japanese while learning more about the field I’m majoring in. There are still so many things to learn xD

As you can see from the picture, I note down the translation of unknown words during the first reading, and during the second reading I pay attention to the expressions and the language used. This afternoon I also found this useful website, which provides very interesting information about the structure of essays, reports, etc and the expressions you should use while writing them. I think I will read it more accurately writing down some notes as soon as all exams are over ahah And then I’ll try to write something by myself if I find something I can write about.

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